Judy from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“We are extremely pleased with Mike and the service he provides. He listened to our problems with silverfish and wisely suggested spraying the exterior of the house (ground level, window frames, and lower roof where reachable). This is the fewest silverfish we have seen. Besides being smart and experienced, he is kind, enthusiastic, and consistently works hard to solve our issues.”

Lori from Milwaukee, WI

“Always get a quick, friendly, and professional response. We had a very difficult to find entry point in our house for mice and PJ found and sealed off the area. Also does a thorough inspection of the entire house inside and out.”

Sharon from Milwaukee, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Advance Wildlife Control is #1 in our home. Tom is so knowledgeable, professional, and walks you through the whole process. He went above and beyond to address my mouse situation and set me up outside and inside to address any future issues. I would not let anyone else handle this. I’m very pleased.”

Bill from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Mitch did a great job climbing up on the roof of one of our buildings to get rid of a hornet’s nest. He was very courteous and a nice young man. He even took the time to explain to my 5-year-old grandson exactly what he was doing. We love all of the great people at Advanced Wildlife Control and continue to use them for any pest removal problems that we have.”

Steve from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Eric is the MAN! He continues to impress, raising the bar for customer service and creating an experience that is second to none – EACH TIME! I mean, my 5 year old keeps talking about him – what else is there to say!!? He’s a gem.”

Bo from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Mike is always professional, and has his hands full with our house right on the river! We have not seen pests for a long time, which is a review of Mike’s work in itself! Thanks for the great service :)”