Ryan from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Animal Control

“I cannot say enough good things about this company. I messaged them, they responded almost immediately, set up an appointment, they came out and took care of the business at hand. Mike is awesome and Advanced Wildlife is very lucky to have him as an employee.”

Lori from Milwaukee, WI

“Always get a quick, friendly, and professional response. We had a very difficult to find entry point in our house for mice and PJ found and sealed off the area. Also does a thorough inspection of the entire house inside and out.”

Richard from Milwaukee, WI
Current Customer - Animal Control

“Prompt service. Totally professional. Mike was neat & caring. Vehicles & equipment were spotless. Everyone from the person answering the phone to technicians and owners is extremely knowledgeable.”

Angie from West Allis, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“He was very polite and professional. Awesome customer service! Explained all of the restrictions with the pets and kids very well! He was very knowledgeable. Great experience! Thank you!”

Rhondi from Wauwatosa, WI
Current Customer - Rodent Control

“Ryan, you did another outstanding job as usual, just want you to know how appreciated you are!! Thank you for taking the time to explain things, and for plugging up their highways to the inside! You do an incredible job, truly an asset to your company, thanks so much once again, will see you in about 4 months!! Have a great holiday season, Rhondi!”

David from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Ryan is a most delightful young man, outgoing, friendly, very likable, and KNOWLEDGEABLE! We will ask for him for any similar service calls we need in the future. We give him a gold star and A+Rating.”