Donna from Brookfield, WI
Current Customer - Rodent Control

“The service that we receive from Tim is always very thorough. He displays a great work ethic, he is kind, and his work performance is top-notch. I feel assured that we have proper coverage when he completes his task.”

Lori from Milwaukee, WI

“Always get a quick, friendly, and professional response. We had a very difficult to find entry point in our house for mice and PJ found and sealed off the area. Also does a thorough inspection of the entire house inside and out.”

Eileen from Milwaukee, WI
Current Customer - Inspection & Repair

“Thank you DJ for coming quickly to our home for the inspection and repair. He is the most pleasant and kind. Took the time to talk with me and explain what he believes occurred and what he and the company will do in the next 60 days.”

Judy from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“We are extremely pleased with Mike and the service he provides. He listened to our problems with silverfish and wisely suggested spraying the exterior of the house (ground level, window frames, and lower roof where reachable). This is the fewest silverfish we have seen. Besides being smart and experienced, he is kind, enthusiastic, and consistently works hard to solve our issues.”

Kathryn from Germantown, WI
Current Customer - Rodent Control

“Mitch was very, very friendly and personable. He thoroughly explained everything to us and was very knowledgeable. He offered several suggestions for us going forward, but was in no way pushy or trying to make a sale. We felt very comfortable having Mitch in our home. Excellent service at a reasonable price – looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with Mitch taking care of the needs of our house – mice and other pests.”

Ann from Shorewood, WI
Current Customer - Animal Control

“Eric W. is THE best! He is professional and extremely persistent. His calm yet demeanor was exactly what we needed when dealing with a rodent that just wasn’t wanting to leave our house! Thanks to Eric we are all sleeping better!”