Kathryn from Germantown, WI
Current Customer - Rodent Control

“Mitch was very, very friendly and personable. He thoroughly explained everything to us and was very knowledgeable. He offered several suggestions for us going forward, but was in no way pushy or trying to make a sale. We felt very comfortable having Mitch in our home. Excellent service at a reasonable price – looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with Mitch taking care of the needs of our house – mice and other pests.”

Geoffrey from Germantown, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Dylan has been great. I am not exactly a great customer to work with, and as such overreacted to an incident without fully understanding what was going on, and not only did Dylan come out to make sure everything was okay, he took care of another issue that had come up as well. I’m very pleased with his work!”

Candy from Menomonee Falls, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Eric has been “our guy” for several years now and we could not be happier with his service. His execution is flawless and yet he maintains a quiet, personal touch that both my wife and I sincerely appreciate. He explains in very straightforward terms what his next steps will be to remedy our particular pest issue(s). We had tried other “pest control specialists” before. Our wasp, hornet, and pest problems continued to return until we went with Advanced Wildlife Control. Thank you Eric for a continuing Job-Well-Done.”

Kim from Colgate, WI
Current Customer - Rodent Control

“Dylan was very pleasant to deal with. He walked me through everything that he was doing and either answered or took care of my concerns that I did have/see. He will be back in a month to check the bate boxes to see if anything was going on in the basement. Was glad to hear that we had NO new holes and the house was sealed pretty good.”

Ryan from Mequon, WI
Current Customer - Animal Control

“I cannot say enough good things about this company. I messaged them, they responded almost immediately, set up an appointment, they came out and took care of the business at hand. Mike is awesome and Advanced Wildlife is very lucky to have him as an employee.”

Lori from Milwaukee, WI

“Always get a quick, friendly, and professional response. We had a very difficult to find entry point in our house for mice and PJ found and sealed off the area. Also does a thorough inspection of the entire house inside and out.”