Amazing – I received a reply from AWC about an hour after I submitted my initial contact e-mail. No other company has ever done that! They were very professional, from the sweet older lady that handles the phone call to the technician. They came out to catch a vole and were able to do it on one trip and in a very short amount of time! Wonderful. I will use them again to spray for mosquitoes in the summer months. Great company!

– Janine from Milwaukee, WI

Excellent! Fast response, very professional and courteous service, all was taken care of as promised!

– Mary from Delafield, WI

I used this company to remove squirrels from my attic. I also used them to remove a yellow jacket nest in the ground where our children play. I also used their quarterly pest control service where they sprayed the exterior of the home for various pests as well as set up poison boxes to get rid of mice. This company is a pleasure to work with in every aspect. I highly recommend them.

– Randy from Mequon, WI

We use Advanced Wildlife Control for the pest control. Their last visit was few days ago. We have a contract with them and they come out regularly for maintenance. Their pricing is good. The guy that comes out is very good. He always comes on time and does the work. He is very responsive and he answers all my questions.

– Natalie from Menomonee Falls, WI

Everything went well.  The technician was very responsive to my instructions, arrived on time, and completed the work quickly.  Furthermore, the treatment was very effective and did a good job of keeping away mosquitoes.

– Mohit From Brookfield, WI

PJ came and removed some birds that were living in my soffits. He patched the hole and replaced my soffit that had fallen off. He also took care of an ant problem that we had in our sun room. I haven’t seen an ant since he came out. He inspected my whole house for other possible problems. He also treated for a mouse problem in our attic. PJ was prompt and he went the extra mile to make sure he had answered all of my questions. For the amount of services we had the price was fair. He even called back a week later to check and see if everything was under control.

– Jodi from Menomonee Falls, WI

They were very responsive and found the source of the problem (another company was unable to locate where the squirrels were entering the home). They stopped by daily to check and reset the traps. When all the squirrels were removed, they patched the hole. I was very pleased by the company’s professionalism and quality of service.

– Kimberly from Milwaukee, WI

We had a consistent mouse problem in our house.  Zach put rodent trap/boxes around the perimeter of the house and in the basement. I was very satisfied with the work.  The boxes definitely took care of our mouse problem.  Zach came back to check the inside traps, took them away once the mice were gone, and left the exterior ones to prevent new mice from entering the house.  He came back this spring to check the exterior boxes and took those away when he determined they were not needed.  He was very professional and pleasant to work with. I would definitely use this company again!

– Karen from  Shorewood, WI

Very excellent service.  I have been with Advanced Wildlife since I experienced a problem with bats, a few years ago. This was a tricky problem, but they made good on their promise of getting rid of the bats.  Now I have a quarterly service with them to check on any potential weaknesses and to service the house, both inside and out.  I definitely see less bugs around and that is the way I like it!

– Lynn from Wauwatosa, WI

This was one of the best contractor experiences I have ever had. PJ is a fantastic resource and consummate professional. I had squirrels in my attic, and the problem was taken care of within hours of my calling for service. They set traps on my 3-story roof, explained in great detail the nature of squirrels, and came back and checked the traps regularly. They were always incredibly courteous and invested in solving the problem. When I could not get a roofing contractor to come and seal up the hole, Advanced did it and did a fantastic job. Some of our customers are so confident in our abilities that they are willing to be a reference for us via phone call. We also work for many management companies and can offer references for those services as well!

– Heather from Milwaukee, WI