Argentine Ants

Originally from South America, the Argentine ant has become a problematic invasive species of ant worldwide. These dark brown to black colored ants are known to build supercolonies. Colonies form so large because Argentine ants form allegiances with other ant colonies based on their diets to grow their colony. 

These ants are problematic due to their invasive nature. As an introduced species with no natural predators, Argentine ants will often overpower native ant species. If allegiances are broken or can’t be made, these ants will take over native ants which disrupts the whole food chain of animals that feed on those ants. Argentine ants feed on a wide variety of foods, especially sweet foods like the honeydew of aphids.

How Do I Get Rid of Argentine Ants?

Argentine ants are a common household pest when they enter homes in search of food or areas to nest. Once these ants have entered your home, there is no quick or immediate solution to get rid of them. It can take a few days to successfully control and eliminate Argentine ants since their colony sizes are so large. 

Proper food storage and waste management can help prevent Argentine ants from being attracted to food sources in and around your home. Eliminating areas of standing water can also help because ants are attracted to damp, moist areas. However, if Argentine ants have already invaded your home, we recommend giving us a call here at Advanced Wildlife Control. Our professional trained technicians will efficiently treat and eliminate your ant problem with our variety of control options. 

DID YOU KNOW? – There even has been a news report in Europe of a 3,700 mile-long Argentine Ant colony along the Mediterranean coast.

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