Big-Headed Ants

Big-headed ants are another invasive ant species that can cause serious problems for homeowners. It is believed that these ants originated from Africa, but can be found throughout most of the world, especially Australia and the United States. These yellowish or reddish brown ants are fairly large in size compared to other ant species and have a disproportionately large head, hence its name. 

Like most ants, they enjoy sweet foods, especially honeydew from aphids which they also gather and protect. Like the Argentine ant, big-headed ants have multiple queens and form massive colonies. High concentrations of these ants are often found around areas with high aphid populations. 

How Do I Get Rid of Big-Headed Ants?

Since big-headed ants love to eat the honeydew from aphids, they can be an inside pest, particularly around potted plants that might have aphids. One of the easiest ways to prevent big-headed ants is to remove plants that are prone to have aphids on them and relocate them outside. 

Proper food storage and waste management can also help prevent big-headed ants from being attracted to food sources in and around your home. However, if big-headed ants have already invaded your home, we recommend giving us a call here at Advanced Wildlife Control. Our professional trained technicians will efficiently treat and eliminate your ant problem with our variety of control options. We can also help with sealing up the foundation to prevent ants from getting in. 

DID YOU KNOW? – Big-headed ant tunnels and nests, because they are underground, can often be confused with subterranean termite nests.

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