Field Ants

Field ants are the common outdoor ant that is found across the United States. These ants prefer to nest outside around small trees, bushes, and along cracks of sidewalks. Field ants are reddish-brown in color and are roughly ⅛-in long. These ants have quite the sweet-tooth and love to feed on the honeydew created by aphids. Some types of field ants like the cornfield ant will actually gather and protect a group of aphids so it has access to honeydew.

Like most ants, field ants live in colonies ruled by a large queen ant with both soldier ants and worker ants. Their nests can grow to extreme sizes if not controlled. These ants rarely bite and bring a concern to homeowners. Sometimes field ants find themselves in homes looking for sugary foods but aren’t typically a common indoor problem.

How Do I Get Rid of Field Ants?

Field ants do not really pose any issues. They rarely venture into people’s homes in search of food. They prefer to nest outside in lawns, under stones, or near foliage. The only concern with field ants is their nests can grow to extreme sizes if not controlled which can be quite an eyesore on people’s yards. With all your ant-related problems, we recommend giving us a call here at Advanced Wildlife Control. Our technicians will help protect your home from the field ants and eliminate any massive nests in your yard.

DID YOU KNOW? – When squashed, these ants release a foul odor.

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