Pavement Ants

Even though they are common here in Wisconsin, pavement ants are actually an invasive species of ants that were brought over from Europe during early settlement. These small ants roughly ⅛-in long are very similar in appearance to little black ants. They are typically dark brown to black in color. Pavement ants are often found nesting under pavement, hence their name.

Pavement ants are the ants that you typically see on your driveway or walkways with mini mounds of sand and soil. These small mounds of dirt help keep the nest cool during the hot summer months. Like most ants, they enjoy a wide range of food, especially honeydew from aphids. Other items would include dead insects, seeds, nuts, and human foods. Pavement ants can sting in defensive, but it causes nothing more than a mild discomfort to humans. These ants will actually host epic battles in the summer months as they try to expand their colonies into enemy territories. 

How Do I Get Rid of Pavement Ants?

With most ant problems, proper food storage and waste management can help prevent ants from being attracted to food sources in and around your home. Eliminating areas of standing water can also help because pavement ants are attracted to damp, moist areas. 

However, if pavement ants have already invaded your home, we recommend giving us a call here at Advanced Wildlife Control. Our professional trained technicians will efficiently treat and eliminate your ant problem with our variety of control options. Our ant control services will also eliminate the ant problem at the source by eradicating the nest(s). 

DID YOU KNOW? – Not much is known about pavement ant behavior, other than what can be observed when these ants are above ground.

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