Thief Ants

Thief ants are another one of the smallest species of ants (1-2 mm in length). Native to the United States, these yellowish-brown colored are equipped with large jaws for carrying food. These ants are known for stealing food from other ants, hence their name. Thief ants will build nests very close to other ant nests since their primary source is the other ant’s food source. Surprisingly, their nests are much larger and more spacious than what would be expected for such a small ant.

Unlike most ants, thief ants aren’t drawn to sweet foods, but rather greasy foods. Thief ant colonies can range from hundreds to thousands of ants. Some colonies are known to have up to 8 queens based on the colonies size.

How Do I Get Rid of Thief Ants?

Due to the thief ant’s small size, they are not often seen within homes. They mainly acquire their food sources from other ants. However, if a thief ant infestionation is discovered, we recommend giving us a call here at Advanced Wildlife Control to help you with your ant problem. Thief ants can be incredibly hard to control because of their size and their ability to make well-hidden nests. 

DID YOU KNOW? – Thief ants also go by the name “grease ant” as they are so fond of grease and greasy foods.

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