Sure chipmunks can look really cute and innocent. They have little flicky tails and sweet chubby cheeks. Some people, seduced by their cuteness, feed them on a regular basis. Yet don’t be fooled by their tiny stature. These furballs can cause plenty of damage to homeowners. Problems can range from chewed automobile wires, cracks in cement driveways and sidewalks to ruined landscaping and gardens. These burrowing little creatures and their underground homes can compromise the structural integrity of walkways, garage floors and even foundations. They can also find their way into homes by building tunneling systems around your house. They may enter through a dryer vent, or sometimes just squirm through an open door or hole. Our affordable pest control service has a couple of different programs available for chipmunk control. Protect and maintain your home and your peace of mind.

How Do I Get Rid of Chipmunks?

The Eastern chipmunk is the most common species of chipmunk Wisconsin. Although it is originally from Asia, it has clearly had no problem making America a comfortable home. Even cold Wisconsin winters are no challenge for these little guys. Chipmunks spend their winters in underground dens, which almost look like your home! Their dens can have many chambers. Some are used for sleeping and others for food storage. These tunnels can stretch for 20 to 30 feet! Chipmunks don’t technically hibernate:they sleep on very cold, dark days. But sometimes, the sun decides to grant that odd 40 degree, light winter day. These temperature fluctuations will wake them up. Chipmunks make their cozy, winding homes in woodlands, bushes and enclosed spaces which, unfortunately, can include your home. These burrows, once abandoned by the chipmunks, often become the favored real estate of snakes. But that’s another “tail.””

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