American Cockroach

American cockroaches are the largest cockroaches found in the United States – reaching up to 2 inches in length and ΒΌ inches tall. Despite its name, the American cockroach is actually not native to North or South America. Originating from Africa and the Middle East, these pests have expanded their living range due to world trade. They are ovular-shaped with a reddish-brown coloration.

Like most cockroaches, they prefer damp, dark areas to live in such as damp basements, crawl spaces, and building foundations. Despite their large size, American cockroaches can fit into very small cracks and crevices where they hide when they feel threatened.

Female cockroaches can lay up to 16 eggs at a time. Eggs hatch after 1-2 months and require 6 months to a full year to fully mature. Upon reaching adulthood, American cockroaches can live up to a year in which a female can produce up to 150 offspring in that time.

How Do I Get Rid of American Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a serious pest to have in your home or business. American cockroaches are fond of sewer pipes making them potential carriers of Salmonella. They can contaminate food and utensils which is a major health risk. Eliminating sources of food and water can help in preventing cockroaches.

However, if cockroaches have already invaded your home, give us a call here at Advanced Wildlife Control as soon as you can to help with your roach problem. Our technicians are fully equipped to help you eliminate your residential, commercial, or industrial cockroach problems. We will help seal up any entry points where cockroaches can get in and suggest ways to help prevent future cockroach problems.

DID YOU KNOW? – American cockroaches are one of the fastest running insects in the world.

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