Brown-Banded Cockroach

The brown-banded cockroach is one of the most common species of cockroaches in Wisconsin. Frequently found in homes and apartments, they are major pests for homeowners across the state. Much smaller than the American cockroach, they are ½ inches in length. They are ovular-shaped with a light-brown coloration and 2 darker-brown bands on their wings and body.

Unlike most cockroaches, they prefer drier areas to live in such as bedrooms or living rooms. They are commonly found in homes or apartments rather than restaurants. They are primarily nocturnal and hide from bright light. Common hiding places for these roaches would be behind picture frames and inside closets, cabinets, and furniture.

Female cockroaches can lay up to 13 eggs at a time. Eggs hatch after 1-3 months and require 6 months to fully mature. Upon reaching adulthood, brown-banded cockroaches can live up to a year in which a female can produce up to 600 offspring in that time.

How Do I Get Rid of Brown-Banded Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a serious pest to have in your home or business. Brown-banded cockroaches are prone to carry diseases that can contaminate food and utensils which is a major health risk. These roaches can be trickier to deal with since they prefer drier areas over damper areas.

Regardless of the species, our technicians here at Advanced Wildlife Control are fully equipped to eliminate any residential cockroach problem. We will help seal up any entry points where cockroaches can get in and suggest ways to help prevent future cockroach problems.

DID YOU KNOW? – Brown-banded cockroaches have been known to feed on nylon stockings.

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