Millipedes are the less-creepy cousins of centipedes. Similar to centipedes in that they have a large amount of legs, two for each body segment to be exact, that is pretty much where the similarities end. They have worm-like bodies that are rounded and hard enough that they crunch if stepped on or smashed. Dark brown to black in color, they are typically no longer than an inch in length. They are typically found in dark, damp places.

Scavengers in nature, millipedes feed almost exclusively on dead and decaying organic matter. They are even considered one of nature’s best natural recyclers! Most activity happens at night, especially when dew is present or the weather is high in humidity. During the day they will hide in dark, damp places such as under leaves or in small cracks and crevases.

Adult millipedes lay their eggs in decaying plant matter. Eggs hatch into miniature versions of adult millipedes. Both segments and legs are added as the millipede matures. Once fully grown, they will hibernate during winter before reemerging in the spring and continuing the cycle.

How Do I Get Rid of Millipedes?

All millipede activity, be it feeding, mating, etc., takes place outside. Any millipedes within your home have gotten in accidentally, and they cannot feed or reproduce once inside your home. They are harmless, they do not bite or sting, and they will curl up in defense if disturbed. They are still considered a pest, however, due to their small size and their likelihood of entering your home. Entry usually takes place in garages, basements or first floor areas, particularly where there may be damp plant material on the outside of the home. Protecting your home from millipedes is fairly simple, and can include sprays and sealing. Give Advanced Wildlife Control a call to help keep these many-legged little insects out of your home!

DID YOU KNOW? – Millipedes are found in all climates and on all continents except Antarctica!

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