Mud Daubers

The mud dauber is a type of wasps that makes its nest out of mud. There are 3 species of mud daubers which all build their mud nest a little differently than the next. The organ-pipe mud dauber has a dull black color tone and makes elaborate nests with multiple mud tubes side-by-side that look like organ pipes. The black and yellow mud dauber has a black and yellow color tone that just makes simple one mud tube nests in crevices along buildings. Lastly, the blue mud dauber is metallic blue that makes a couple of mud tubes side-by-side, but not as elaborate as the organ-pipe mud dauber. 

All 3 types are roughly the same size (1-2 inches) and have long, narrow waists which are one of its most recognizable features. Mud daubers will use the same nest site each year if possible. However, other wasps and bees do make a home out of vacant mud tubes. Like mining bees, they are also solitary wasps that don’t live in large colonies. They also do feed on nectar, but primarily prey on smaller insects like spiders. 

How Do I Get Rid of Mud Daubers?

Like most stinging insects, mud daubers are not typically aggressive unless provoked or when defending their nests. Their mud nests also look very unsightly on people’s homes and can be a concern for homeowners with stinging insect allergies. Mud daubers have been found to make nests in attics as well.

Therefore, if you are worried about mud daubers on your property, give Advanced Wildlife Control a call today. Our technicians will remove the wasp and nest(s) from your property and help bring back your peace of mind. 

DID YOU KNOW? – Mud daubers have actually caused plane crashes! They have been known to nest in the area of a plane called the pitot tube, which if undiscovered, can cause the plan to malfunction. 

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