Paper Wasps

Paper wasps get their name because they form their nests out of a paper-like substance. Similar to bald-faced hornets, they create this paper nest by chewing up wood and plant materials to make the papery substance. They are sometimes called umbrella wasps because the nest forms an umbrella shape. Paper wasps feed on both nectar and smaller garden pests like caterpillars. 

Paper wasps are social insects that do form colonies. They are often confused with yellow jackets because of their similar coloration and markings. Both have bright yellow and black stripes on, but paper wasps are typically larger and slimmer than yellow jackets. 

How Do I Get Rid of Paper Wasps?

Surprisingly, wasps can be beneficial insects near your home because they do eat other annoying pests like spiders as well as help with pollination. They are typically non-aggressive but will attack if threatened or if someone gets too close to their nest. 

Their paper nests look very unattractive on people’s homes. Wasps also have a painful sting that can cause severe allergic reactions to some individuals. Therefore, if you discover paper wasps around your home, give Advanced Wildlife Control a call today. Our technicians will eliminate the wasps and remove the nest(s) from your home. 

DID YOU KNOW? – The brighter the color, the more painful the sting. Scientists believe brighter colored insects, like the paper wasp, are so colorful as a warning sign to any creature looking to harm its nest. 

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