Animals can gain entry into your homes and business through a wide variety of areas. When you call Advanced Wildlife Control to help with your animal problems, the first thing we do is inspect your home. Our technicians will let you know any areas where the animals have entered, and what steps are needed to get rid of the problem animals. Plus, we will work with you on repairing damaged areas and preventing future damage or animal entry. Our technicians have dealt with almost every situation you can think of and are not afraid to tackle a challenging job!


Animals can gain entry to your home through many areas, including:

  • Chimneys
  • Underneath decks and porches
  • Front stoops
  • Vents
  • Vent fans
  • Ridge venting
  • Garages
  • Wood shakes
  • Soffit
  • Fascias
  • Dormers
  • Valley tins
  • Windows
  • Gable vents
  • Bathroom vents
  • Stove vents
  • and more!

Our technicians’ job is to locate any and all entry points, and what you can do to prevent future entry!


Advanced Wildlife Control uses a variety of techniques and a variety of cages to efficiently capture target animals. For 99% of jobs we use live-traps to remove the problem animals from your home or business. However, there are some instances in which we will euthanize animals that are suffering or carrying potential diseases. All animals that need euthanization are humanely put to sleep at our facilities away from our customers’ homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Wildlife Control humanely removes the animals from your property and relocates them a minimum of 30 miles away from where they were captured. This ensures that the animals cannot find their way back to your home.

Yes, Advanced Wildlife Control can remove dead animals from your property. There is a charge for this service.

Yes, Advanced Wildlife Control can pick up any injured animals, including birds, from your property. Our technicians will transport the animal to a shelter, humane society or rehabilitator, but there is a charge for this service.

All Advanced Wildlife Control technicians have wildlife-trapping licenses. Our company also has liability, health, and vehicle insurance.

Advanced Wildlife Control’s founder has had family working in the animal business for generations. For more information on Paul, visit our About the Team page.

Advanced Wildlife Control has a Certified Wildlife Control Professional on staff, as well as an on-staff biologist. We have been members of the Wisconsin Trappers Association and the National Wildlife Control Operators Association since their inception. We are also founding members of the Wisconsin Wildlife Control Operators Association, and three of our staff members still hold positions there. We are also members of the Wisconsin Pest Control Association.