Ant infestations are a major problem for homeowners and businesses throughout Wisconsin. Ants are the most numerous insect in the world and are the #1 pest we deal with here at Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control. They invade your home through the tiniest of cracks and leave pheromone trails to help other ants within their colony find the newly discovered food source. This is how just 1-2 ants in your house can suddenly turn into hundreds or even thousands. 

Successful ant control is an ongoing process. Our ant exterminators at AWC are fully-equipped to handle any ant problem you encounter. Protect your home & family against ants for good!

Ants are attracted to sweet and greasy substances. They will invade buildings through the tiniest of cracks in search of these substances that are often found in your kitchen, pantry, and garbage cans. Pools of water created from leaky faucets (under the sink or garden hose) can also attract ants.  

Ants will nest in and around your home, especially during the winter months, for warmth and survival. Wall voids, attics, countertops, baseboards, and under the foundation are all places where ants can build their nests.

Yes! Ants are primarily a nuisance insect, but certain species of ants can cause serious damage. Carpenter ants cause damage to buildings by creating tunnels in the wood structure of the building. Fire ants have a painful sting which is a concern to one’s health. Pharoh ants cause electrical damage because they travel through electrical wires.

To prevent ant infestations, eliminate sources of food and water.

  • Use sealed containers to store food
  • Clean up any spills or crumbs left behind from foods
  • Eliminate any areas of standing water or damp areas, especially in basements or under appliances

Give Advanced Wildlife Control a call today if ants have already invaded your home. Our technicians will eliminate your ant problems at the source and help seal up any ant entry points.


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    Ants in the house? Ants can enter your home or office through a variety of openings. Therefore, our #1 step to successful ant control is a complete home inspection to identify their source.

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    Most over-the-counter ant sprays will only eliminate the few foraging ants. Effective ant control penetrates the nest and eliminates the queen and ant colony. Our spray treatments do just that! Focused on preventative pest control, our technicians will also seal up entry points to prevent future problems.

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    Ongoing Pest Control

    Ants are an issue each year, especially during the damp spring months in Wisconsin. Continuous pest control will help protect your family, home, and business year-round against ants. AWC offers a variety of treatment options based on the severity of the ant problem, your budget, and your preferences.

Ant Larvae

Don't Let Ants Invade Your Home or Business!


Pests won’t stop trying to get inside your home. Neither will our team stop protecting your home against them. Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control provides ongoing pest control against ants, spiders, mice, wasps, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, beetles, and more.

Our customers are our #1 priority! Same-Day or Next-Day Service! You are also free to cancel at any time. No Contracts Required! 


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