Initial Bat Inspection

If you have a bat flying around your house, it is possible that you have a colony living in your attic. Getting rid of a colony is not easy, and we recommend this be done only by trained professionals. During our initial bat inspection we will make sure the problems you are experiencing are indeed caused by a bat colony. We will examine your attic and roof to assess where the bats are entering.

Bat Proofing Services

Bats can’t enter your home by creating a hole, like a raccoon or a squirrel can; bats can only enter through pre-existing holes. With our removal service we go through and seal all the potential entrances. We will also install bat valves at their entry points. These bat valves work like a one-way door – they allow the bats to leave your attic, but prevent them from reentering.

Bats in the Winter

Southeastern Wisconsin winters can be extremely difficult to predict; one day it might be 40° and the next -10°. Changes in temperature are the main reasons we receive calls from clients asking us to get rid of a bat that is flying around inside their home.

Bats have a hard time staying in hibernation throughout the entire season when temperatures fluctuate like this. After waking on the warmer days, bats will look for a warmer place to hide, like heating ducts, when settling back down. If the bat goes too far into the heating duct it could end up in your basement. They have an initial instinct to fly upwards, and as a result they could end up in stairwells and then into the main areas of your home. Once in the main living area of your home they will be drawn to windows, the noise from your television, and especially the noise and movement of ceiling and standing fans. If you do have a bat that ends up in your living spaces during the winter, it is typically a sign that a colony is hibernating in your attic.

Guaranteed Work

We offer a two-year guarantee for our bat exclusions, provided to you in writing at the time of inspection. Although often not needed, extensions are available.