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Birds can be a problem for homeowners, they can peck holes through your siding, build nests in your vents, or fall down the inside of your chimneys. We offer a bird control program to help deter or eliminate nuisance birds from residential and business properties.

Types of Bird Issues We Control:

Damage to siding of your home:

Woodpeckers are notorious for pecking through knot holes in wood siding and building a nest inside your home. The damages can be costly to fix. Plus, these holes can lead to other rodents gaining access, such as mice or even flying squirrels.  Our bird control program can help with the removal of the birds as well as patching the damage areas on your home.

Bird in my bathroom vent:

A common location for Grackles to nest is in the bathroom vent on your roof.  Often times, this goes unnoticed until a bird is squeaking inside your bathroom vent. The homeowner is left to figure out how in the heck did it get there.  Most bathroom vents are black plastic and are located in the back of your home near the rain gutter.  You should be able to see the birds leave the vent from your backyard. Our bird control program includes removing the birds and nesting materials.  Also, we will screen the vent and in some cases, can replace the vent tubing in your attic.

Bird in my chimney:

The Chimney Swift is the only bird in the State of Wisconsin that can fly in and out of your chimney.  We cannot remove swifts from your chimney because they are a protected bird by the State of Wisconsin. But once they leave we can install a chimney cap to prevent them from entering and/or nesting again. Every other type of bird that enters your chimney can be removed from your home. We have removed ducks, owls, starlings, grackles, flickers, woodpeckers, and robins – to name a few.

Nesting birds on my roof:

Our bird control program has been known for controlling Seagulls and is widely regarded for its success.  Seagulls can be a difficult problem and may involve several different type of options for successful control.

Swallow control usually involves altering the structure of the home to prevent them from building mud nests that are attached to the home.  We often see this type of nuisance bird in subdivisions that have a small body of water located near the home.  We can inspect your home and provide recommendations to control the swallows. However, we cannot remove the nests once the eggs have been laid.

Bird flying into my window:

We like to call this the crazy bird syndrome. Usually this means that the bird (most likely a robin) sees itself in the reflection and will defend their territory. It will fly into the window, crash and sometimes can lead to death.  Pulling the blinds or covering the window usually deters the bird, but in some situations it can be very difficult to get them to stop.

Diseases found in Bird Droppings

This might come as a surprise to many of our customers, but bird droppings can contain up to 60 different types of diseases!  Worse yet, the disease can be a huge issue when they become airborne and exposed.  If you have a situation that requires clean-up due to bird excrement you should consider hiring a professional.  Cleaning bird droppings without the proper equipment can lead to a host of problems.

Below are a few of the many diseases associated with bird feces. These are just a few of the many diseases that could be transmitted due to improper clean-up procedures when it comes to bird excrement.  If you do try and clean the affected areas on your own just make sure that you follow proper procedure when dealing with the clean-up.

Advanced Wildlife Control technicians are able to help remove, sanitize/sterilize, and dispose of bird droppings from your home.  If you have concerns about bird nesting in your attic, living in your walls, living in your bathroom vents, nesting around your home, then give us a call for our bird exclusion and clean-up services.

A respiratory disease that may be fatal. It is the result of a fungus growing in dried bird droppings.  This fungus can be released and airborned due to following unsafe clean up procedures.

A yeast or fungus infection that can be spread by pigeons. This disease affects the skin, mouth, respiratory system, intestines and the urogenital tract.

A fungal disease associated with droppings and it also can grow in soils.

An infection caused by a type of bacteria found in droppings of birds (pigeons). When bird droppings are dry and become airborne people may inhale them and become sick!

A disease that has been found in starlings. This disease is transmissible to humans, poultry, and livestock

A short-lived rash that occurs as an allergic reaction of the skin. These particular parasites use birds and animals as hosts.

A disease caused by Coxiella burnetti which causes fever, headache and even muscle pain.