Bird Control

Bird watching may be a popular pastime, but birds can cause quite a problem for your home or business. They can peck holes through your siding, build nests in your vents, or fall down the inside of your chimney. We offer a variety of bird control programs to help get rid of your feathered problem.

Bird Damage

There are many types of damage to your home that can be caused by bird.

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Pigeons are a common sight in cities across the US.

They are intelligent birds that can be difficult to get rid of! Read More


Seagulls are intelligent, social, and often problematic for homeowners!

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Woodpeckers can cause serious problems for homeowners.

Who would have guessed these cute little birds could cause so much damage! Read More

Diseases in Bird Droppings

Did you know that cleaning up bird droppings without proper equipment can actually be fatal? That’s because bird droppings can contain up to 60 different types of diseases! These diseases, some of which are listed below, can cause serious health risks, especially if they become airborne. We offer clean-up services to remove and dispose of the bird droppings, and sanitize the affected area. We do not recommend this job be done by anyone but a professional due to the health risks, but if you do try and clean the affected areas on your own, make sure that you follow proper safety procedures.

Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease. It is the result of a fungus that grows in dried bird droppings, which can be made airborne through unsafe cleaning procedures. It is not typically serious, but in some cases can be fatal.

Candidiasis is a yeast or fungal infection that can be spread by pigeons. This disease affects the skin, mouth, respiratory system, intestines and the urogenital tract.

Cryptococcosis is a pulmonary disease caused by a fungus found in bird droppings, specifically that of pigeons, starlings and poultry. It also can grow in soil. It can be dangerous if made airborne, particularly for the immunocompromised.

Psittacosis is an infection caused by a type of bacteria typically found in bird droppings. It is also referred to as parrot fever, as it is most frequently found in and contracted from parrots. However, it can also be found in droppings from pigeons, gulls, sparrows, ducks and poultry.

Salmonellosis is a disease that has been found in starlings, pigeons and sparrows. Also known as food poisoning, this disease is caused when droppings from an infected bird become airborne and contaminate cooking surfaces or food.

Q Fever is a disease contracted by breathing in dust of feces contaminated with bacteria. It is typically caused by livestock, and results in fever, headaches and muscle pain.