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What in the Heck are Chimney Swift Bugs?

Did you know bed bugs have creepy-crawly cousins called chimney swift bugs? How about bat bugs and swallow bugs? All four of these insects are fairly similar in appearance and all have one annoying characteristic: they feed on blood. Bed bugs have more recently gained a spot as one of the worst pests to have, [...]

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My Top Five Least Favorite Insects – Number 2, Yellowjackets

Yellow jackets are like the ugly stepsisters to the honey bee’s Cinderella. And I don’t mean the version of the story where the stepsisters become friends with Cinderella by the end, I mean the version where the stepsisters are hateful and malicious for the whole story. Yellow jackets are the reason why most people (aside [...]

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My Top Five Least Favorite Insects – Number 4, the Fungus Gnat

I’ve recently become a proud plant parent, graduating from basic, no-nonsense succulents and aloes to more care-intensive houseplants like pothos, fittonia, and shamrocks (more correctly known as oxalis). Each of these plants requires its own unique care routine, and one small screw up can sometimes mean disaster for these plants. My shamrocks seem particularly prone [...]

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Boxelder Bug

My Top Five Least Favorite Insects - Number 5, the Boxelder Bug Boxelder bugs are one of my top five least favorite insects. When looking at the facts, there’s very little reason for this: they don’t look creepy and they don’t bite or sting. In most cases, these bugs are completely innocuous. But I still [...]

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Ladybugs vs. Ladybeetles

Do You Know the Difference Between… Ladybugs vs. Ladybeetles When you come across a small, round bug with a black and white face, and a hard, shiny, reddish body with black spots, you might assume it is a ladybug. More often than not, though, these are actually Asian ladybeetles, not ladybugs. Ladybugs, known more correctly [...]

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When the ants go marching one by one – we spray, we spray!

At Advanced Wildlife Control, we get plenty of calls throughout the year pertaining to ants in people’s homes, outside or may be causing irreversible damage. Whatever the case may be, ants are a primary and very common nuisance in Wisconsin homes all year round. Although there are many different types of ants, there are four [...]

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