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Boxelder Bug

My Top Five Least Favorite Insects - Number 5, the Boxelder Bug Boxelder bugs are one of my top five least favorite insects. When looking at the facts, there’s very little reason for this: they don’t look creepy and they don’t bite or sting. In most cases, these bugs are completely innocuous. But I still [...]

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Ladybugs vs. Ladybeetles

Do You Know the Difference Between… Ladybugs vs. Ladybeetles When you come across a small, round bug with a black and white face, and a hard, shiny, reddish body with black spots, you might assume it is a ladybug. More often than not, though, these are actually Asian ladybeetles, not ladybugs. Ladybugs, known more correctly [...]

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When the ants go marching one by one – we spray, we spray!

At Advanced Wildlife Control, we get plenty of calls throughout the year pertaining to ants in people’s homes, outside or may be causing irreversible damage. Whatever the case may be, ants are a primary and very common nuisance in Wisconsin homes all year round. Although there are many different types of ants, there are four [...]

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