A few years ago we received a call from a gentleman who lived in Milwaukee regarding a raccoon trying to get into his attic.  This is a pretty typical call for Advanced Wildlife Control however this instance there were a few special things that occurred.  First it was around 6:30 am a time in which most raccoons have already hit the sack and are back to sleep, but this customer told our secretary that the raccoon was still active on the roof.  I thought that the customer was probably exaggerating.  After all raccoons don’t typically like being out during the day. The problem with this situation is the customer had baby raccoons in his chimney.  He thought it would be a good idea to sneak up after the mom raccoon had gone and put a chimney cap on the flue. He invested in a stainless steel chimney cap which I highly recommend in keeping raccoons out of your chimney.   It worked she tried and tried to get into the chimney, but didn’t succeed.  So why then did this gentleman call me at 6:30am?  Well, the raccoon was on the outside of his roof when I got there, because she was determined to get her babies back! She gave up on the chimney and went straight to the asphalt shingles.  By the time I had gotten there a crowd of people where watching the female raccoon frantically try to claw her way into the attic.  I can’t remember ever witnessing anything like it, she didn’t care that people where watching her she wanted those babies back.   I got my ladder off the truck and attempted to catch her but she bolted at the site of me walking up to the roof line.  She managed to completely remove all of the two layers of shingle, the roof tar, ice and water shield and had almost scratched through a completely perfect piece of wood to get into the attic.  She had tried several different locations and had also completely damaged the ridge venting on the top of the roof as well.  The damage was incredible considering it was only a 3 hour window from the time he heard the noise start to the time I got to the home.

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