This is a question that I have answered a million times, but it’s a very important one to consider when hiring a company who can help you solve your mouse issues!

First of let me start by saying this, “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU BUY A PLUG IN THE WALL MACHINE THAT WILL DRIVE YOU MICE OUT OF YOUR HOME BECAUSE THEY HATE THE NOISE”!  Let’s be real if those devices worked I wouldn’t have a job and the guy who invented those who be richer than Donald Trump. I have people that believe they work, but we also have people who believe in Santa Claus as well!  In my eyes both Santa and those devices have the same level of effectiveness at riding your home of mice.  I don’t blame anyone for buying those devices as I would to, it’s a way cheaper way of thinking you have solved a problem.  I truthfully don’t know how the man who created those devices sleeps at night knowing his entire line of product is a complete and utter shame.

Ok – I am done with my rant.  It’s a question I get a lot and I just wanted to set the story straight.  So let’s get back to the main question why should anyone hire Advanced Wildlife Control for the mouse control needs?

The most important thing to consider is how your mice are getting into your home in the first place.  This isn’t an easy answer, some houses are simpler than others and some are impossible to seal!  Our inspection is the most important thing in determining where your mice are gaining access.  This is done on the initial inspection and helps us evaluate and set up a plan for attack on your mice.  Most of our competitors fall to start with this step.  It is common for me to hear that other companies won’t inspect for where the mice are entering.  That should be your first question in selecting a company!  What do you do to inspect our home?  Our techs check the foundation, garage, attics, and other accessible points to locate where the entry point is.  This isn’t always easy and sometimes requires homeowners to do things they may not be excited about such as lifting deck boards, but it’s probably the single most important aspect of a good mouse control program.

The next step is following up with our customers to make sure that the problem has been solved and addressed.  We come out 1 month after the initial set to check the inside and outside of the home to see if mice are still gaining access.  Sometimes it’s not solved in a just one month.  In a perfect world that would be the case, but mouse proofing can be tricky and the follow up is important to your success.

Another reason to choose AWC techs is we keep the same technician coming to your home year after year. It is our goal to retain our valuable employees so that they can build a comfort level with our customers and you not only feel comfortable letting them into your home, but you feel confident they will solve your problem.  It’s important to us that you can trust us to solve your problem!

NO CONTRACTS!  Another big complaint we receive is our competition requiring a year’s payment as well as a year contract to solve the mouse issue.  While I can’t blame them for trying to get your money upfront, I don’t agree with making the customer feel like they are stuck with our company.  If you feel that we aren’t living up to your standards you can cancel at any time.  We don’t require you to stay on a year with us to solve the problem.

Those are just a few reasons you should consider our company for your animal removal and pest control needs!  Should you be interested in our services feel free to call us at 262-242-4390 to talk to one of our staff to set up a mouse control visit, before your home is over run!

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