Insects & Pests

Insects are an ongoing issue when it comes to pest management. The first step in controlling any insect problem is proper identification. Different species and types of insects and crawling pests are active during different times of the year, target different areas within your home, and require different forms of control.

Treatment Options

Overall, we at Advanced Wildlife Control prefer to take an Integrated Pest Management approach to insect and pest control. However, different control may be needed based on the insect or pest in question, the severity of the problem and many other external factors. We offer a wide variety of control programs so that our clients are able to find the service that works best for them. Read More

Green Pest Control & Diatomaceous Earth

Advanced Wildlife Control does offer a Green Pest Control program. This program is a non-chemical approach to controlling pest problems for those customers who prefer not to use pesticides in and around their homes. Diatomaceous Earth, or D.E., is one of our provided options for Green Pest Control. Read More

Insects & Pests Categories:

Different types of insects and pests require different types of control and treatments. The easiest way to narrow down the potential treatment requirements is to first identify the insect or pest in question. Advanced Wildlife Control has created categories for the different insects and pests our technicians come across most often here in southeastern Wisconsin.


Ants are the most common living organism on Earth and the most common problematic insect we see here in southeastern Wisconsin. Read More


Cockroaches are an incredibly common urban pest. They can become a problem in virtually any location that is used for food preparation or storage, including homes, restaurants, offices, and even hospitals. They contaminate food, eating utensils, destroy fabric, paper products, impart stains and unpleasant odors to surfaces they contact. Read More

Occasional Invaders

Most insects and pests are what we at Advanced Wildlife Control call occasional invaders. This category encompasses all insects and pests that seasonally invade your home, and a few insects that live in your home year-round, too. Typically, these insects do not want to be in your home and don’t usually survive long once inside. However, they can become serious pests. Read More


They might not be insects, but they still fall into the broader category of a household pest. Our External Rodent Control program is one of our most popular and most effective services. However, these pests can still be hard to control. Read More

Stinging Insects

Contrary to popular belief, most stinging insects actually do more good than harm. However, having stinging insects on your property can be a nerve-wracking experience. Our technicians are here to help make you feel safe in your home again. Read More


Termites are one of a few insects that can do an incredible amount of damage to your home in a very short amount of time. This is partly because most termite colonies are active 24 hours a day, which can create a serious and expensive problem. Read More


Mosquitoes are a common summer pest here in southeastern Wisconsin. Not only are they annoying, but they can also pose a serious threat to human health. Read More