Green was once just a color, but today “green” has changed the scope of pest control. Over the past few years, green pest control has taken the pest control industry by storm, and has required pest control companies and providers to adapt to this new demand. As such, Advanced Wildlife Control now offers Green Pest Control, a non-chemical approach to pest control. This program was developed in response to customer concerns over using pesticides in their homes near pets or children. For our Green Pest Control, our technicians use non-chemical sprays and baits as needed to combat insects and pests that are already in your home. Our technicians will also identify entry points that have allowed these pests into your home, and they can seal those areas or provide recommendations for any do-it-yourself types.

What is Green Pest Control?

The main aspect of Green Pest Control, and how it differs from our regular pest control is the products that are used. Scientists have developed ways to treat insects using non-chemical sprays that are not harmful to humans, the environment or pets. These sprays, although less effective than regular pest control methods, have been proven to work when applied to homes. Our Green Pest Control program also incorporates the identification and elimination of harboring sites for pests and locating and sealing of all points of entry.

On the initial service call, our technicians will work with you to create a plan that best fits your needs. Target pests and the condition of your home are all taken into account within this plan. Our technicians will inspect your home inside and out, including the roof, attic, basement, and any crawl spaces in order to give you an accurate report of pest activity. Once our technicians are able to diagnose the problem we can proceed with a non-chemical treatment. These treatments contain only natural products that have been proven to eliminate insects from your home, one example being Diatomaceous Earth.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth, or D.E., is an all-natural, 100% pure approach to pest control. It is designed to kill insects without the use of hazardous chemicals typically found in pesticides. D.E. is effective against all crawling insects and has long-lasting control; it also has no odor and no residue. Use of Diatomaceous Earth has been cleared for all residential and commercial use, including homes, restaurants, hospitals, and even schools. It has even been deemed safe for use in occupied barns, coops, and kennels. There is a wide range of pests that D.E. is able to control, including fleas, ants, mites, lice, bed bugs, spiders, roaches, earwigs, centipedes, sowbugs, pill bugs, and silverfish.

How does Diatomaceous Earth work?

D.E. is only effective when it directly comes in contact with the target insect. The only way direct contact occurs is if the insect crawls through or land in the areas treated. The Diatomaceous Earth is absorbed by the insect through the system that helps protect from water loss. Once they have come into contact with D.E., targeted pests will rapidly lose body fluids and die of dehydration.

Green Pest Control & Diatomaceous Earth

Here at Advanced Wildlife Control, we do feel that Diatomaceous Earth is a very effective pest control product when used correctly. However, it will not provide the instant relief that most customers are looking for. D.E., and other forms of green pest control, will kill pests, but it can be a much slower, more prolonged process. Although labels for these products may talk about instant control, most of these target pests won’t die until at least 24 to 48 hours after treatment. It may even take up to two weeks to see real results. Advanced Wildlife Control is more than happy to provide Green Pest Control or Diatomaceous Earth to any customer upon request. However, we don’t recommend using D.E. for roaches, termites, or bed bugs.