Occasional Invaders

Here at Advanced Wildlife Control, we classify a wide variety of creatures as occasional invaders. These creatures are classified as such due to their nature. They may invade your home occasionally but don’t typically take up residence there. Most of these insects do not want to be inside your home. In fact, many of these creatures, such as crickets and woodlice, usually cannot survive once they have entered your home. They don’t want to be in your house any more than you want them to be there!

However, upon entry into your home, they can become a serious pest. This is more true of some species than others as some of these pests can cause tremendous damage. Fleas can cause incredible irritation to you and your pets. Japanese beetles can destroy your gardens. Powderpost beetles can de-stabilize the structure of your home and silverfish can cause devastation to pretty much any other area. On the other hand, some of these pests, like boxelder bugs, cause no damage and are mostly harmless. They are still considered a pest, though, especially when they invade your home in large numbers as they so often do.

Occasional invaders can enter your home at any time of year; some are most active in spring, some in fall, and others are active all year long. For us, the term “occasional invaders” encompasses all creatures that make their way into your home. The ones listed in the navigation bar on the right are those we have deemed the most likely invaders for homes and businesses across southeastern Wisconsin. Advanced Wildlife Control is here to help you with your pest problems. From fruit flies and gnats to spiders and ticks, and everything in between, our technicians have seen it all, and they are skilled in controlling any and all home invasions. Give us a call today!