Bat bugs look very similar to bed bugs, and they are often mistaken for them. Bat bugs, as their name suggests, feed predominantly on bats. In Wisconsin, they are commonly found on the colony-roosting large and small brown bats. However, it is not unusual to find them on birds or rodents. Similar to bed bugs, they typically feed while the host is sleeping. These bugs pierce the skin and inject saliva as they probe for blood. They will feed for 5-10 minute intervals.

The development from egg to adult can take as little as two 2 weeks in warm weather. Adult bat bugs may survive for a year or more without a meal in cool environments, but blood feeding is required by the female in order to produce eggs. They can produce eggs multiple times throughout the year as long as they have a reliable food source.

It is fairly common for bats in Wisconsin to have bat bugs, and they are usually not a bother to humans. However, if bats living in your attic are suddenly removed, it is possible they will leave some of these bugs behind. While these bugs typically do not stray from their standard source of food, if the bats are no longer available they may enter the rest of your home. In these cases, they may move into many of the same places frequented by bed bugs. Bat bug bites are reportedly more painful than their closely related insect cousins’, but most humans don’t ever feel it.

Controlling Bat Bugs

Effective control for bat bugs requires removal of the bat colony as well as pest control products being applied to the location. Advanced Wildlife Control offers services to cover it all! First, our technicians will help you remove the bats from your home. As the bat bugs feed on the bats, they will most likely leave after their food source is gone. However, they can enter your home once the bats are removed. In this case, a separate pest control treatment is required. We are one of the few companies in southeastern Wisconsin that can properly remove the bats and spray for the bat bugs!

Did You Know?
The only difference between bat bugs and bed bugs is the length of microscopic hairs on their body!