Rodents are a serious pest for homeowners throughout southeastern Wisconsin. These small mammals can gain entry into your home or damage your yards with ease, but they can be incredibly tricky to control. This is partly due to their nature, as often times they will go unnoticed until the damage has already been done. Rodents will frequently cause damage to insulation, which is typically what they will use for nesting sites. They will also create grease trails around areas in which they travel heavily.

Sometimes, the only way to tell that your home might be a rodent residence is droppings. These droppings are one of the most problematic parts of a rodent problem, as they can harbor disease and even attract other rodents to the area. If droppings are found, the most important next step is to find where they are getting in. Most rodents need only the smallest of holes to gain entry, which means that this is also the most difficult part of the job.

Rodents in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s two most popular rodents are rats and mice, specifically the Norway rat and house mouse. There are also the most common rodents to create problems within the home. However, we do also deal with voles, which are very similar to and frequently confused with mice, and shrews and moles which, while not technically rodents, are still considered a rodent-like pest. These three are typically external pests and can do serious damage to lawns, gardens, and trees around your home.

Controlling Rodents

Advanced Wildlife Control offers a rodent control program, called an ERC, to help keep these various household pests out of your homes and yards. It is proven to be successful both in eliminating a population of rodents within your home, but also preventing future rodent entry. For more information about this rodent control program visit our Rodent Control page or give us a call today!