Stinging Insects

From wasps to hornets to bees, stinging insects can result in serious problems. We have had clients call us after a loved one has been rushed to the ER after stumbling across a nest or hive. This typically occurs with yellow jacket nests, as these colony-living wasps tend to nest in the ground and are very aggressive and protective of their nests. Our technicians can find and remove any nests or hives, and get rid of the problematic stinging insects. Wearing the proper protective gear, our technicians have successfully handled hundreds of nest removals. These removals are done in one day, and a spray can be applied so no bees will come back to nest in that area again.

No Contracts!

We do not require any long-term contracts for our customers. Typically, stinging insects require only one visit, and are categorized under spot treatments. Spot treatments deal with a one-time situation that is guaranteed to be taken care, no contract required. We will remove any nests and spray the areas to help prevent other stinging insects from building in that location. Our spot treatments are a very popular form of insect control, especially when it comes to yellow jackets.

These types of treatments are also perfect for pre-wedding or pre-party stinging insect control. Initial treatment will need to be done a few days prior to the party and a follow up treatment a few hours before the event may be needed as well. Even with the treatment, stinging insects can travel long distances in search of food. So, while our spray treatments are not always 100% effective it will at very least greatly reduce your problems. Don’t let stinging insects ruin your special event – Call Advanced Wildlife Control today and schedule a pest control treatment for your stinging insects!

Prevention is the best way to ensure that stinging insects will not use your home as a nesting site during the summer months! If you constantly have bees nesting in your attic vents, soffits, fascia, and eaves of your home, our technicians can treat these areas in the cooler months before the nests are built. Call Advanced Wildlife Control today to receive more information about our available stinging insect control and prevention programs. For more information about removal and treatment programs for specific types of stinging insects, visit the pages located in the navigation bar to your right.