Advanced Wildlife control does offer a variety of treatment options, as different types of pests and insects are active at different times throughout the year. Our technicians work with you to find the right service plan with us, whether that’s monthly visits or a one-time treatment. We do also offer options for green pest control. Additionally, we have a variety of treatment programs available for our mosquito control.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Advanced Wildlife Control uses Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. It is a common sense approach to insect and pest control. Most insects and pests require certain conditions to ensure their survival. We work with our customers to eliminate these conditions, ensuring that the problem insects and pests look and live elsewhere. Our technicians will spray inside if requested or needed but prefer to focus on preventative treatments and external sprays. This approach helps stop the insects and pests before they can make their way into your home.

Recurring Pest Management Programs

We offer monthly, bi-monthly (every two months), quarterly, bi-annual (twice a year) and annual services, depending on the severity of the pest problem and your budget and preferences. These programs include outside and inside applications, as well as complete home inspections. Many of these services can be combined with rodent control, and our technicians will seal off entry points to reduce and eliminate both insects and rodents from entering your home. We always contact our customers ahead of time to schedule visits that are convenient for you, and you will never have to worry about technician-switching. We also do not require you to sign any contracts! You are welcome to end your service with us at any time.

Seasonal Treatments

Along with our other recurring pest management programs, we do also offer seasonal treatments. Some insects and pests only have a certain time frame of when they are active, with spring and fall typically the most problematic times for these insects and pests. We offer a seasonal service package specifically for those insects and pests that may require regular service but only during peak activity times. Again, we do not require you to sign any contracts, and you are welcome to end your seasonal services with us at any time.

One-Time Treatments

One-time pest management treatments include inside and outside application of the needed control. These treatments are designed specifically for customers who don’t want a service plan. On these visits, our technician will treat your entire home in order to ensure that your problem is solved. Treatments are guaranteed, but the length of the guarantee does depend on the individual insect or pest being treated. These are also a good choice for any customers who simply want to try our services before taking on a recurring pest management program.

Spot Treatments

Similar to one-time treatments, we do also offer spot treatments. These pest management treatments are tailored to specific pest problems, one example being ants under your kitchen sink. These sprays are designed for instances when your whole home may not need to be treated, but our technicians can apply a treatment to the affected area.