About Advanced Wildlife Control

Paul and Jessica Winkelmann started Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. in 1988. It was at that time the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) decided to get out of the wildlife removal business and turn the work over to private firms. The Winkelmann’s felt that they were well suited for this type of endeavor and it was a chance to escape the uncertainty of working for someone else.

Their eldest daughter, Stacy, joined the company shortly after its creation. She worked for the company doing trapping and removal throughout college. After graduating Concordia University with a degree in biology she continued to work as a technician until 2009, when she transitioned into a full-time office role. She is now the Office Administrator for the company. Her husband, Tom also works for Advanced Wildlife Control as a full-time technician. In addition to his role as technician, his background in graphic design lends itself to the other work he does with the company: web design and marketing. Their two sons, Brady and Tanner, have both done work for the company as part-time technicians.

PJ, the Winkelmann’s youngest child, started working with the company in 1999 in the pest control branch. Also a graduate of Concordia University, he studied physical education, teaching and coaching. He has worked with the company since and is now the Technician Manager and a co-owner with his father, Paul. His wife, Jenny, has done office work with Advanced Wildlife Control in the past.

Paul and Jessica’s middle child, Beth, and her husband, Larry have also done work for Advanced Wildlife Control in the past, and are both licensed in trapping. Their son, Max currently works for the company as a part-time technician.

Advanced Wildlife Control now operates under the names of Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. and Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control. We continually evolve our product offerings in order to give our customers the best service possible. Originally Advanced Wildlife Control only offered animal removal services. Now we offer pest control, bat proofing, insulation removal and install, deck trenching, mosquito control sprays, gutter clean out services, odor control and sanitation services, dead animal removal services, sealing and patching, spray foam insulation seals, stinging insect control, and much more…