WINTER IS HERE! Are you hearing noises inside your walls in the evening? Maybe even noises coming from the attic at night? Or seeing strange activity throughout your home? Chances are, you may have a mouse infestation!

Each winter, rodents including mice, invade an estimated 21 million homes in the United States. These rodents are constantly trying to enter our homes, especially during the months of October through December; seeking shelter from the cold and looking for food and water. While they do not have the longest lifespan, the common house mouse typically lives between five months to a year, or even up to 3 years in a protected environment. But, that doesn’t stop them from reproducing every three weeks and birthing up to twelve babies per litter. Needless to say, when you see one mouse in your home, it’s safe to assume there are more or will be very soon!

It is a myth to believe mice or any other rodents are only found in poor neighborhoods. Anyone can find themselves with these problems, from the most run-down buildings to even the most affluent neighborhoods. Regardless of economics, rodents can be found wherever food and shelter is available. Their nests are made in dark, quiet spaces, like in between walls, cabinets, attics, basements, closets, etc. They are also opportunistic omnivores that will eat a variety of food. From biting open food packages for sampling, to garbage, pet food, fruit, grains, seeds and even chocolate.

There are many different ways at identifying mice damage, activity and infestations. It is important to identify these signs in protecting your home. As stated above, you may find holes in food packaging, as well as, ripped paper, food scraps, an awful odor, nests, seed shaped droppings, tooth marks on cabinets or doors, and even tiny mouse tracks.

Understanding that having rodents in your home can be very stressful and unsettling, there are professionals who can help put your mind at ease and take the proper preventative measures to keep mice from entering your home while controlling and putting an end to your current mouse problem.

At Advanced Wildlife Control, your pest control technician will inspect around your entire foundation for entry ways that include the smallest of holes about the size of a dime! Mice can fit through holes much smaller than they appear and will even chew through a hole to make it bigger. Once your entire home is sealed properly, the technician will set out bait stations, inside and outside, that have poison in them. The mice will run through the bait stations, eat the poison, and run back out. Over time their organs will start shutting down, causing dehydration and will eventually remove themselves to go find water. Your technician will then come back for a one month review and discuss further preventative maintenance to ensure a rodent-free home.

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