Seagulls – A Highly Social Bird

Seagulls, properly referred to as gulls, are highly intelligent, highly social birds. These fairly large birds typically prefer residences near large bodies of water, where they feast on fish or amphibians. They don’t just eat fish though, and they have been known to eat everything from fruits and seeds to worms and other insects, and even to eggs, rodents, and sometimes other birds! They are also no stranger to carrion, nor to human waste, and can often be found eating in dumps or out of trash cans. This can be problematic for your home or business, as can their tendency to swoop and dive at potential predators. They will even exhibit mobbing behavior if they feel their nests are threatened.

Seagulls mostly mate for life, and both parents work together to raise the eggs, which usually come in threes. They will return year after year to their nesting sites along with the rest of their colony. This is another reason why seagulls can be problematic for your home or business, and one of the reasons why seagulls can be difficult to effectively control.

Seagull Control

Our “Seagull Deterrent System” was developed for maximum control of problem gulls, but it is not an overnight fix. Effective and efficient control of seagulls takes time! Seagulls are very intelligent birds, and they can be hard to predict. Ensuring that our program is successful can take hours of preparation and installation of deterrent products. Our strategic planning, proper placement of the best-suited and approved materials, and ongoing observations and analysis help us to achieve success.

DID YOU KNOW?  – It is possible that more than 10 types of “seagulls” live in and around the Milwaukee metro area, the most common of which are Ring-billed Gulls, what most people think of as a “typical seagull,” and Herring Gulls.

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