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Advanced Wildlife Control uses Integrated Pest Management or commonly known as IPM.  It is simply the common sense approach to control any insect or pest looking for certain conditions to ensure its survival. Our approach is to eliminate these conditions, insuring that these bugs look and live elsewhere. We try to limit spraying on the inside of the home. Instead, we focus on a preventative spray on the outside, before pests make their way into your home. This is our goal for a successful pest control program.

Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual Pest Management Programs

These programs include outside and inside applications, as well as complete home inspections. Our programs include sealing of entry points to reduce and eliminate (rodents/insects) from entering the home. All of our visits are with the customer and scheduled ahead of time with the customer. The customer will have the same technician for each service. WE DO NOT REQUIRE A YEAR CONTRACT!

One-Time Treatments

This pest management treatment includes inside and outside application designed for those who don’t want a service plan. We treat the entire home in order to ensure that your problem is solved. These treatments have guaranteed lengths depending on the individual insect/pest that we are treating. Some clients may choose a one-time treatment to see if they want to continue future applications with our company.

Seasonal Treatments

You only have problems with insects in spring and fall.  No problem, we have our seasonal package which includes just those two treatments!


These pest management treatments deal with certain types of insects such as ants under the kitchen sink. Your whole home may not need to be treated, but we can come and do a spot treatment to take care of your ant colony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pesticides are intended to be safe for the consumers, animals, and the pest professionals that use them. After all, your home maybe sprayed 4 times a year, but we deal with these chemicals day in and day out. We make sure that what we use is intended to be safe for our customers as well as our technicians.
The chemicals that we use allow for you to remain in your home when we are applying them. If we have extreme situations such as a severe asthmatic child or adult we may have them leave for a short period of time.
No, we do not. You must be state licensed and certified to buy and apply chemicals in the state of Wisconsin.
Some chemicals that we use have a instantaneous effect to them while others may take up to 2 full hours before the insects die. Most products we use require that the insect land on the application and then they will die, these types of applications have a longer residual qualities and will result in more effective results. Larger colonies or infestations of pests, for an example; ants, may take up to 3 weeks to be completely exterminated.
The chemicals that we use on the inside of the home are either odor less or have a very low admittance of odor. All chemicals used on the outside of the home have a slight odor and won’t last longer than 5-10 minutes.
We require no length or contract with our customers, we don’t want our customers to feel pressured into a year contract. We have a great working relationship with our customers, but if they are unsatisfied in any way or we simply solved the problem they are free to cancel at any time.
Our goal at Advanced Wildlife Control is to provide our customers with the best pest control service available, and our main goal is to provide you with a pest-free environment. However, pests can enter your house in grocery bags, on pets, or even through the air. In addition, pests are usually area/neighborhood problems; so even though we are treating your home, pests from the surrounding area can crawl or fly onto your property and attempt to enter your home. If you are still seeing an inordinate number of pests, give us a call and we will re-service your home free of charge.
All pest work is guaranteed and if we haven’t solved your problem or meet your standards, we will offer a money back guarantee on our services. Most companies offer guarantees, but very few actually offer money back guarantees.
We do not give free inspections. However, if you are unsure of the type of pest and if it needs to be dealt with, please give us a call and we will go over our plans. We will help you make a decision if you need us to come and service your home or business.