Milwaukee Fire Ant Control

Facts & Information

What are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are known for their painful bites and stings. Originally from South America, fire ants are an invasive species in the United States. When disturbed, fire ants will sting in defense. The sting is excruciating and irritating and may result in a red bump and an intense burning sensation. Fire ants are reddish-brown in color and 3 to 9 millimeters in length. These ants eat a wide variety of foods, including insects, meats, honeydew, and other sweets.

Why Do I Have Them?

Fire ants prefer warm, sunny environments and are often found in dry fields. These ants create massive colonies that contain hundreds of thousands of workers and multiple queens. They may invade houses through cracks in search of food. Once indoors, they are usually found in kitchens and living rooms. Fire ants are more common in southern states.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

Fire ant stings are very painful and could be fatal to some people. If you accidentally stumble across a fire ant nest, they are known to attack in large numbers, thus increasing the likelihood of multiple stings. Not only do fire ants cause serious health risks, but they are also known to cause structural and electrical damage. Their massive nests damage building foundations, and their worker ants are attracted to electrical boxes.

Treatment & Control

How Do I Get Rid of Fire Ants?

Getting rid of fire ants can be difficult because of their massive colonies. If ants have already invaded your home, the most effective way to get rid of an ant infestation is to contact a pest control professional. At Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control, we offer effective pest services that will get rid of your ant problem. If fire ants become a problem in Wisconsin, our ant exterminators are ready to help!
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