Milwaukee Mole Control

Facts & Information

What are Moles?

Moles are small, burrowing rodents with dense, straight brownish-black fur. They grow between 4 to 6 inches in length and have very poor eyesight. However, their sense of touch is immaculate because of their sensitive snout. The star-nosed mole’s snout is six times more sensitive to touch than a human hand. These rounded rodents have small eyes, no visible ears, and large claw-like front paws used for digging.

Why Do I Have Them?

Moles are primarily outdoor pests. It is very rare to find a mole in the house. Moles are on your property looking for food, especially earthworms and grubs. If substantial food is available, moles will nest in your yard. Moles are uncommon in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin. They are more common in the central grassland region of the state.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

Often blamed for lawn damage caused by voles, moles can cause serious damage to your lawn with their digging activity and holes. Their underground tunnels can ruin your garden, grass, and plants.

Treatment & Control

How Do I Get Rid of Moles?

Moles are a tricky pest to eliminate from your property. Our pest management professionals conduct thorough inspections and use highly effective removal and exclusion methods to properly manage rodent problems. Since every home is different, our technician will create a customized action plan for your situation.

Our rodent control and exclusion services will protect your home and business year-round against rodents. No contracts are required. If you notice any signs of rodents, contact our expert pest exterminators. We are ready to help you!

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Mole Damage to Lawn

How Do I Keep Moles Out of My Property?

Preventing moles from invading your property can be challenging if your lawn is rich in nutrients and offers substantial food for them to eat. Moles are sensitive to loud noises, so adding some wind chimes could deter moles. Planting certain plants like castor beans or narcissus may also repel moles because of their smell and taste.