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Raccoon Removal

Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. has provided raccoon removal services for resident and business owners in the Milwaukee area since 1988. We humanely remove raccoons from attics, decks, chimneys, crawl spaces, barns, sheds, garages and any other area they might have gotten into.

Our company specializes in work related to raccoon control and removal. We are known for being one of the only animal removal companies in southeastern Wisconsin that can remove an entire racoon family in one visit. In some cases we use Infrared Imaging Technology to assist us in removing the animals the same day or setting cages to trap them where they are nesting. Using this technology is just part of what makes us the authority of raccoon removal in southeastern Wisconsin.

If there are raccoons in your home, we are with you from start to finish. We trap and relocate the animals, and we seal up any entry points so no new animals can get in. We also office services to remove contaminated and potentially hazardous insulation, sanitize your attic, and install all-new insulation.

Raccoons Around Your Home

Have you noticed footprints on your vehicle or holes in your garbage?

This is usually a sign that a raccoon is living in your garage. Raccoons that are trapped in your garage can be a huge problem! Read More

Raccoons in Your Attic

Female raccoons are likely to break into attics during their birthing season.

They are particularly wary of humans and other raccoons during this time, and looking for a safe place for their kit. Read More

Raccoon Damage

There are many different types of damage that raccoons can do to your home.

Advanced Wildlife Control is your one-stop shop for fixing raccoon problems! Read More

Raccoon Removal Specialists

We are the leading critter control specialists in Wisconsin.

When other companies have issues with raccoons they call Advanced Wildlife Control to help solve their animal issues. Contact Us!

More information and other services

We have trained technicians that will catch and remove any raccoons that may have taken up residence in your home and seal their entry points. Raccoons are exceptionally strong animals and, combined with their hand-like front paws, this allows them to gain access to many parts of your home. For repairs and sealing we use a heavy duty stainless steel wiring that ensures that other raccoons can’t break in. This screening has been tested against raccoon entry attempts and has held up every time! Typically we can close the hole ourselves, but in some cases a contractor might be needed to patch an entry point.

No matter what type of damage has occurred to your home – whether it’s cleanup or prevention – call Advanced Wildlife Control for all of your raccoon needs!

The first worry that all of our customers usually have: Do my raccoons have Rabies? Unfortunately we cannot tell whether an animal has rabies by just looking at it. However, we don’t come across many raccoons that are carriers of this virus. Often times if the raccoon appears to be ill it is sick with Canine Distemper Virus. This virus cannot affect humans, but can be deadly to dogs. Any raccoons that we do find with distemper are euthanized immediately upon their removal from your homes or yards, and we recommend that your pets have the necessary boosters to avoid this deadly disease.

While Rabies may not be a huge concern, raccoons do carry a multitude of other diseases that make removal and cleanup an important part of our job. Raccoon Roundworm, which is carried in the feces of raccoons, can be contracted by simply breathing in the spores from the waste! As such, we treat all raccoon feces as hazardous waste and will use proper hazmat materials to deal with the leftover waste in your homes. Raccoons can also carry fleas and other insects on their bodies, and may leave them in your attic. Our technicians are all licensed in pest control and can treat your attic with a spray to ensure that once the raccoons are removed their insect remnants aren’t left behind.

After our raccoon removal service is completed and the entry point has been sealed, the next step is to remove the contaminated insulation and waste that has been left behind. This process is done by use of a hose/bag system and its performed by experienced technicians in proper hazmat gear. We bag up the harmful insulation and fecal matter and properly dispose of the waste. After the cleanup we will treat the area with an anti-microbial spray. This will kill any disease and insects left behind. The final two steps are sealing all of the gaps and then adding new blown-in insulation. We deal with the whole problem from top to bottom and we don’t subcontract our services to other companies. Advanced Wildlife Control technicians are there with you every step of the way!

The number one thing that you should know about raccoon damages to your home is “Will my insurance company cover the damage?” In most cases the answer is YES. Raccoons are not considered rodents and therefore, depending on your policy, should be covered under your homeowners’ insurance. Each company and policy has its own rules and regulations in regards to what they will and will not cover. We recommend reviewing your policy to find out if it specifies that animal damage isn’t covered. We also suggest that you contact your insurance agent with any questions concerning the policy, and ask them to show you where in your policy this information can be found. If you are not satisfied with their answers then talk to one of our technicians. When in doubt call Advanced Wildlife Control!

Why Choose Us

Advanced Wildlife Control’s founder Paul Winkelmann is one of the original animal removal contractors in Southeastern Wisconsin. He has been in the business for over 30 years and has been handling animals most of his life. Along with training his son, PJ, to follow in his footsteps, he has personally trained all of our technicians so they are fully equipped to handle even the most difficult of situations. We do our jobs thoroughly and, unlike our competition, our technicians don’t shy away from crawling into tight spaces when needed. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to our customers, and it shows: Advanced Wildlife Control has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 10 straight years!!!

What Clients Say

We had Ryan from the beginning with handling our mini family of raccoons living under our deck (4 babies and a mom). Ryan made our problems his problems and stayed in constant communication with us to help get the issues resolved. Especially when we had one Baby we just couldn’t get caught and he kept destroying our yard! Ryan kept us positive and constantly re-evaluated the scene daily to make sure we got all the raccoons corralled quickly and efficiently. He even helped us with quote a barrier; which we later took him up on to keep the pests out for good! What a relief! He did such a great job he is on my speed dial from here on out if another raccoon or any other animal shows up in our yard! Thanks for being a great partner in our new home buying frustrations Ryan! You’re welcome over anytime!”

Samantha from Milwaukee, WI

Dear Eric S., Thank you very much for coming back and finding the poor dead possum. I really appreciate your time and tenacity. I also very much appreciate that you charged only for removal and not for the service call. It feels wonderful to know that my deck, my home, and I are in good hands.

Janine from Milwaukee, WI

Excellent! Fast response, very professional and courteous service, all was taken care of as promised!

Mary from Delafield, WI

DJ was professional, on-time and very helpful with an distressing situation – raccoon babies in the attic. He took care of them quickly and humanely. I would recommend DJ and Advanced Wildlife Control to anyone with a wildlife issue.

Lanette from Bay View, WI