Raccoons in Your Attic

Female raccoons are especially likely to break into your attic during their birthing season in the early spring. They are looking for a safe place to have their litter. These females are especially wary of humans and other raccoons during the birthing season, partially due to the nature of male raccoons. A male raccoon will try to kill the kits to cause the female raccoon to go back into heat. As a result, female raccoons are very aggressive during this time, which makes them difficult to catch.

Raccoons’ Favorite Entry Point

If raccoons are living in your attic the first potential access point that we look at is the attic vent fan. Attic vent fans are designed to turn on during extremely warm days during summer to help keep attics cooler. Generally, the fan isn’t running during the night, which is when raccoons are the most active. The vent fans are typically protected by a wire screen, but this can easily be bent or torn off.

Any type of attic vent fan can be accessed by raccoons. The only way to ensure that raccoons don’t gain access is to screen it off from the inside. This screening still allows your vent fan to work properly but it is 100% guaranteed to stop a raccoon from accessing your attic.

Other Entry Points

Dormers can also be a favorite access point for raccoons. They are usually made of aluminum and can be pulled down very easily. Raccoons can also tear and chew straight through the shingles, tar and plywood of a rooftop in a matter of just a few hours. They will break into roof vents as well, as they offer very little resistance. Often times the raccoons will rip the vent completely off of the roof.

Raccoons in Your Chimney

Believe it or not, raccoons love to have their babies inside chimneys! The female raccoon can climb up and down your chimney walls with ease, and will take her kits with her by carrying them in her mouth. Our company handles over 50 jobs like this every year, and we are one of the only companies in Southeastern Wisconsin that can remove the entire family of raccoons the same day in these cases. This isn’t always possible: each situation is different and some unique chimneys may require us to set cages. In those instances we have specially designed cages that fit down your chimney flue. This will trap the female inside your chimney and allow us to remove the babies at the bottom.

We see so many of these cases our technicians even carry stainless steel, lifetime-guaranteed chimney caps in their trucks to ensure that raccoons can never get into your chimney again. Advanced Wildlife Control will remove raccoons from your chimney anywhere in Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, and Milwaukee Counties and we can almost always can get there the same day you call!