Well the winter weather is hitting us hard here in southeastern Wisconsin and the month of February has come and gone which can mean only one thing! Raccoons and squirrels will soon be entering your homes through attics, chimneys, soffits, vent fans, garages etc.  Our phones will soon start ringing off the hook with calls of customers frantic because they here the pitter patter of footsteps throughout the attic.  Gray squirrels have already become pregnant and are looking for a safe spot to have their litter.  Gray squirrels often find entry into homes from the roof top.  Gray squirrels love to chew through the soffit and fascia boards of homes.  “It’s pretty common to see”, said Paul Winkelmann of Advanced Wildlife and Pest Control located in Mequon, WI.  “This time of the year soon to be mother squirrels will chew through wood soffits and fascia boards in about 1 hour!  Sometimes they even chew through aluminum.” Paul’s company has been removing squirrels from attics for the past 26 years and still enjoys the spring season.  “I love every minute of my work, exclaimed Paul there is nothing like it.”

Squirrels aren’t the only thing prepared to invade your homes in the next couple of months.  Female raccoons are looking to escape from their male counterparts and find a safe, warm environment to have their babies and are also looking at your home as a possible nesting site.  Male raccoons will actually try and kill the baby raccoons to get the female back into heat again!  The female raccoon becomes very protective of her babies during this time and under no circumstance should you attempt to get in between her and her babies.  One of Advanced Wildlife Controls technicians can vouch for why this is extremely important.  PJ Winkelmann was up in an apartment attic space in Waukesha looking for what was causing noise in a few of the apartments.  “I heard the babies and my instinct was to go grab them,” with no mom in sight this is a common practice.  “I grabbed two of the 5 babies and began to head back to the attic scuttle, the babies starting screaming distress calls to the mom and I heard her coming.” “I was in a completely dark attic space with a flashlight and two babies in my arms.  The mother raccoon launched herself at me from an above joist and immediately I dropped everything in my hands including my flashlight of course.  I remember screaming out to the other tech that was with me to help because I could feel the mom raccoon in between my legs gathering her young.  Somehow I made it through without a bite and only a few scratches on my legs.  God was with me through that one!  A valuable lesson was learned that night however; don’t ever underestimate the mother female raccoon that will stop at no cost to retain her babies.

Baby raccoons removed from an attic space in Milwaukee

Female raccoons will have their babies in attics, chimneys, garages and under decks.  Raccoons are great climbers and will often make their way to your roof top and look for areas that they can create space to get into the attic.  One of the most popular areas for raccoons to break into your home is the attic vent fan.   Vent fans typically have a very flimsy piece of wire around them and raccoons can bend the wire and gain access into your attic in under 2 minutes. Other popular entry spots include the gable vent, roof vents, soffit, fascia, straight through the shingles, ridge venting, etc.  The fecal matter left from the raccoons alone is reason enough to hire companies like Advanced Wildlife Control out.  The droppings can be very hazardous to your health if ingested or breathed in.  AWC also provides insulation removal services for attics that have been contaminated by raccoons.  “We clean out attic spaces, remove the insulation and droppings, sanitize the area, and install new insulation.  If you like to receive a quote or more information on this service, please give us a call.

Attic vent fan destroyed in Waukesha, WI by a mother raccoon

Paul Winkelmann also said that Advanced Wildlife Control had received the super service award from Angie’s List every year since they started on with that company.  Paul is a very well respected resource of information and has been trapping animals all his life.  He is a great resource in regards to animal control and pest control.  If you wish to contact Paul or his company you can call Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. of Mequon, Wisconsin at 262-242-4390.  If you wish to get in touch via email you can do so at info@advancedwildlifecontrolllc.com

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