“Stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.” -Captain America

My 12-year old son, Colin, is obsessed with all things superhero, in particular Marvel’s Avengers. It’s not the lengthy action sequences or the mind-blowing special affects that he loves so much. It’s merely the fact that the Avengers run into situations that most of us would either hide under our beds from or run away screaming. And these marvelous superheroes do it for one simple reason- to help others. Yet, believe it or not, there are some real-life, every day people that say, “I’m going in,” when all the rest of us yell, “I’m outta here!”

As the newest addition to the Advanced Wildlife Control family, part of my first days of training were ride-alongs with some of our technicians. DJ Townsend and Brenton Page were kind enough to escort me around. I had no idea what to expect, nor did I have a clue what these guys’ days were like. Boy was I in for a ride!

The job isn’t just about setting traps at all! I saw these guys lithely walking around roofs 30 feet off the ground. They squeezed nearly upside down into dark, tiny holes under porches- holes that were less that 2 feet in diameter- having no idea what may be under that porch. They scrambled like a squirrel up 25 feet ladders as branches scratched at their faces. All of these feats were performed with genuine smiles on their faces and a real concern to help ease customers’ concerns no matter what. To the customer with a raccoon in the attic or mice in the basement, these techs were real life heroes. And I say, “Technicians Assemble!!!”

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