• deck trenching screen
  • damage repair
  • Advanced Wildlife Control Service Technician


Typically, the repair work we do is to damage caused by squirrels and raccoons. Soffits and fascia, the places around the edges your roof, are particularly vulnerable to this damage. It is easy for animals to chew holes and gain access to your home in these places.


Dryer, stove, bathroom, roof and attic fan vents are common entry points for birds and smaller animals. We have screening and cover guards available that will prevent wildlife from entering and nesting in these areas. We also offer chimney cap installation – for more information on that service click here.


After the animals have been removed from your home, the most important step is making sure that their entry points are closed. On the initial service we will evaluate your home and let you know specifically what areas are vulnerable to animal activity. We will provide an estimate for the sealing or help you with the right plan to do it yourself.


Raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, opossums, and even foxes can den under your deck, causing sanitation issues and odor problems. If one of those animals dies underneath your deck it can smell up your entire home!

Our technicians can provide trenching services to your home, deck, or shed. We dig a trench around the area and use a hard wire cloth to prevent animals from gaining access . If an animal should break through one of our trenches we will come out and fix the screening for free. Plus, we will waive the initial service fee for removing the animal.

Every deck that we encounter has its own unique style and pricing can vary depending on how difficult it is to dig the trench and install the screened wire. Our technicians have done many types of trenches, from small to large decks, around sheds and even bay windows.

Ask us about deck trenching services today!