Mice are a common rodent throughout Wisconsin. They are a serious issue for homeowners and business owners if they can gain access. Mice only need a ¼-in of space to gain access to a building. Once inside, a mouse can wreak havoc with their gnawing, nesting, mating, and droppings. The most common mouse here in Wisconsin is the house mouse.

The house mouse is usually grey to light brown in color and about 3-4 inches in length. A mouse has a stereotypical appearance with a long pointed snout, a long skinny tail, and large rounded ears. Mice have poor eyesight. Therefore, they rely on their long whiskers to sense their surroundings. They are quick little rodents that will dart away if they sense danger. Mice primarily feed on grains and other plant matters.

Are Mice a Concern?

Mice are not only a nuisance but can cause some serious damage to your home or office. They will gnaw wires, ruin insulation with their nesting, contaminate food, and more. Oftentimes, you will not even see the mouse itself, but rather evidence left behind such as droppings, gnaw marks, or grease marks. Mice are also well-known for their rapid breeding ability. They become sexually mature after only 2 months and can reproduce 5-10 times a year. Therefore, two mice can turn into 20+ mice in no time if not controlled. 

Here at Advanced Wildlife Control, we can solve all your residential and commercial mice problems. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your home both inside and out in search of any signs of rodent activity. We will implement a customized plan fit perfectly for you to start reducing the rodent population living both in and around your home. 

Our goal here at Advanced Wildlife Control is to make sure your rodent control problems are taken care of as quickly as possible. Therefore, we can be out at your property on the same day when you call or the next day. We do not require any contracts for our customers.

DID YOU KNOW?The meadow mouse (or field mouse) is another common rodent in Wisconsin, but it is actually a type of vole. 

Mice are well-known for their rapid breeding. They become sexually mature after just 2 months. Mice will mate at any time throughout the year. A female mouse can get pregnant 5-10 times a year with a typical litter size of 4-7 young. Two mice can turn into 20+ mice quite quickly. 

Mice can be found throughout Wisconsin. They will live anywhere that is relevantly close to a food and water source. They will form nests in trees, bushes, burrows in the ground, walls, attic insulation, etc. Mouse nests are usually made from shredded paper or other fibers. 

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