Animals can gain entry into your home or business in a variety of ways. With our animal removal services we will come and thoroughly inspect your home to determine where the animal(s) entered, and how we can help prevent re-entry or repair the damaged areas. We will explain our services, create a plan of action and work with you to rid your home of nuisance wildlife. Read More


Our External Rodent Control service, or ERC, is one of our most successful programs for both removal and prevention. We conduct a complete home inspection to determine any problem areas and we evaluate activity levels in your garage, attic and basement, places mice typically hide. Our technicians will then locate and seal off potential entry points on the outside of your home. We work with you to help get rid of any mice trapped inside and to deter future mouse entry. This service can be done on any commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Read More


Insects control much of what goes on in nature — pollination, seed dispersal, predation, decomposition — and can have a huge impact on human health. Effective insect and pest control starts with proper pest identification. Read More


On average we remove over 50 raccoon families from fireplaces during the raccoon “baby season.” Mother raccoons love the shelter and safety provided by fireplaces when having and raising their young. We provide chimney cap installation so raccoons can no longer enter your chimney. If the chimney is left uncapped, babies from the previous litter could choose this location for their litters in the future. Read More


The most common repair work that we do is damage from raccoons and squirrels. They can chew through wood and gain entry into your home. We can close almost any hole. With a combination of galvanized steel, copper mesh, IPF foam, and sheet metal to seal off entry points , animals don’t stand a chance at re-entering your home. Read More


When bats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels reside in an attic for any length of time, they can contaminate the insulation with urine, feces, or parasites. If these disease-causing pollutants are left behind and not treated, you will have a health hazard in your home even after the animals are removed. Read More


After the animals are removed from your attic, the next step is to remove the contaminated insulation, preventing any potential spread of disease. We offer services to properly remove and dispose of this material, and install fresh, blown-in insulation. Read More