Honey bees are extremely beneficial insects because they help pollinate crops and plants. They have a slender, wasp-like build which causes them to be mistaken for wasps often. The honey bee is the official state insect of Wisconsin because of its essential role in agriculture. They are the only species of bee that produces honey. Honey bees are very docile bees that will rarely sting unless provoked.


Color: Yellow & Black
Size: 1/2 inches
Legs: 6
Antennae: Yes
Honey Bee

Don't Let Bees Invade Your Home or Business!

Don't Let Bees Invade Your Home & Business!


Honey bees are social insects that live in large colonies containing up to 80,000 bees with one fertile female queen that lays all the eggs! They will build their hives in trees, sheds, logs, and wall voids. Do you hear buzzing inside your walls? Have you noticed streams of bees flying around your home? Well, this may be a sign that you have a bee colony living in your home.


When we get calls from people saying they got “stung by a bee,” it was more than likely a wasp or hornet. Honey bees are beneficial, not harmful. They will only sting when defending their nest. Honey bees are a protected species and, therefore, cannot be treated with pesticides. If honey bees have taken up residence inside your home, our local, professional beekeeper contact, Mike Metz, can safely remove and relocate the honey bee colony and hive.
Honey Bee