Natalie from Milwaukee, WI
Current Customer - Pest Control

“Tim was great! He came to supplement a home inspection for my new house. I wanted to make sure there were no additional issues, as home inspectors are not required to provide input on issues related to pests and wildlife. Tim was very knowledgeable and professional, almost immediately pointing out issues on the exterior of the home. After the full inspection was complete he found several additional items not caught by the inspector, including an improperly installed window that left open access for small animals to the home and evidence of previous infestations. His report was very helpful when we made our case for a counteroffer, which was accepted. I look forward to moving into my new home and having him assist with any additional work in the future.”


Doug from Milwaukee, WI
Current Customer - Rodent Control

“Zach has been very friendly and has taken an interest in our unique rat problem. He has even gone as far as to drive the neighborhood looking for possible reasons relating to our problem.”

Gary from Milwaukee, WI
Current Customer - Animal Control

“Mitch is very personable as well as very informative about what he is doing on the job. Best of all he volunteered to help us put a back harness on our dog who is having problems with her back legs. Kudos to Mitch!”

Richard from Milwaukee, WI
Current Customer - Animal Control

“Prompt service. Totally professional. Mike was neat & caring. Vehicles & equipment were spotless. Everyone from the person answering the phone to technicians and owners is extremely knowledgeable.”

Karen from Hartland, WI
Current Customer - Bat Control

“Brenton did a great job of identifying where our unwanted bat visitor came in and assessed what repair work needed to be done. He showed up in an hour from when we called in our trouble at 7:00 am. We had guests staying at our house so to have the problem solved (he found the bat) immediately was a welcome relief.”

Mary from Pewaukee, WI
Current Customer - Rodent Control

“DJ was very friendly and informative. He also seemed to be very thorough in inspecting every area. Hopefully, this all will help eliminate our problem with the rodents.”