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24/7 Emergency Wildlife & Pest Control

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Mice. Ants. Raccoons. Bees. Squirrels. And More.
Household pests are a threat to your property and health. Our team is always here to keep you, your family, home, and business safe from these nuisance pests.


Many reasons! When it comes to animals, wild animals can become aggressive and we would not want you to risk your health by dealing with these animals. When it comes to pests, over-the-counter pest control products are not the most reliable or effective. They will only briefly help a pest problem, but insects can be a year-round issue.

Let the wildlife and pest experts at AWC help protect you, your family, home, and business. Our technicians are trained to handle any wildlife or pest problem you may have. With a focus on prevention, we can also seal up openings to prevent future animal or insect problems.

Yes! All of our technicians have the appropriate wildlife-trapping and pest control licenses. Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control also has liability, health, and vehicle insurance.

Our customers are our #1 priority! We want to make sure your wildlife and pest problems are resolved in a timely manner. Therefore, our AWC professionals typically provide same-day or next-day service depending on your location. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Wildlife & Pest Control for cases such as a bat flying around your house at night.

Yes! We will work with you to find the best day and time for our technicians to visit your home or business and assist with your wildlife or pest control issue.

At Advanced Wildlife & Pest Control, our customers’ safety and well-being is our #1 priority. All of our pest control products are registered by the EPA. We predominantly perform exterior treatments to lessen your exposure to any pesticides. If an interior treatment is needed, we use a limited amount of product to ensure you remain safe, but the pests are still properly and effectively controlled. Our technicians will inform you if any special safety measures are needed at the time of service.

Nope! We do not require any contracts. You are free to cancel services at any time.