Eric W. - Field Technician

Field Technician

Coyote Whisper / Walky-Talky / King of the Euphemisms
Eric is a field technician at Advanced Wildlife Control. At a young age, he realized his love for nature and the outdoors. Eric attended Fox Valley Technical College for Natural Resources. After college, he worked at the Ottawa National Forest as an invasive plant specialist. Eric then became a park ranger for the Wisconsin DNR at Peninsula State Park in Door County. During his years as a park ranger, Eric realized he wanted to be closer to his family, so he took a position at the Kettle Moraine State Forest. 

With his vast expertise and experience with wildlife and nature, Eric an outstanding trapper. Coyotes are notoriously difficult to trap and yet he managed to capture multiple within a year. Eric also specializes in muskrat and beaver control. When he isn’t working for AWC, you can usually find him collecting antiques, metal-detecting, hunting, fishing, or spending time with his wife and many pets. 

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Animal & Wildlife Removal Technician
Licensed Endangered Species Specialist
Certified and Licensed in Structural Pests Control Category 7.1
NWCOA Bat Standards Certified
Member of the Wisconsin Wildlife Control Operators Association (WWCOA)
OSHA Certified Construction Industry Regulations (29 CFR 1926)