Mike H. - Field Technician

Field Technician

Pest Management Specialist / Sports Fanatic
Mike is a senior field technician at Advanced Wildlife Control. After working for Sysco in Jackson, Mike joined AWC and was one of our first technicians. Over the years, Mike has become our pest management specialist and handles all sorts of pest jobs, such as wasps, rodents, and cockroaches. He continues to educate himself by attending annual wildlife and pest control conferences through the company.

When he isn’t working for AWC, you can usually find him spending time with his wife and kids or watching sports. Mike is a sports fanatic, especially for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Animal & Wildlife Removal Technician
Certified and Licensed in Structural Pests Control Category 7.1
OSHA Certified Construction Industry Regulations (29 CFR 1926)