Wisconsin is known as the Badger State and one would assume that we have badgers all over the place, but that is not the case. We’ve had a few badger sightings in southeastern Wisconsin, but overall it is pretty rare to find them in this part of the state. Badgers are mostly nocturnal animals that spend the daytime underground in their den. 

Badgers are excellent diggers and quite fierce animals. A common sign of badgers is the presence of large mounds of dirt they form when digging their burrows. Badgers prey on small animals and rodents. They also enjoy eating insects, especially earthworms, and berries.

Are Badgers a Concern?

Badgers are very fierce and powerful animals. Badgers won’t attack unless provoked which we certainly do not recommend angering a badger, because you will lose. The only concern a badger creates is the damage to pastures or hayfields from their vast array of burrows they make. 

At Advanced Wildlife Control, we believe in humane animal removal. Since badgers are rare in this part of Wisconsin, we have never actually caught a badger. However, if you do have a problem with badgers, we will certainly set live traps to humanely catch and relocate the badger. 

We do advise customers not to try and catch badgers on their own. It is quite challenging and will make it almost impossible for us to do. Badgers are also very fierce animals, and we do not want you to risk getting injured from trying to trap one. 

DID YOU KNOW? – Wisconsin’s nickname is “The Badger State” not because we have a lot of badgers, but because miners dug tunnels into hillsides searching for lead ore in the 1800s which reminded people of badgers.

Badgers breed in late July through September. The litter size of a badger ranges from 1 to 5 cubs that are born sometime from March to June in the den. The cubs will typically stay with the female until fall when they head out on their own. 

Badgers are common in Wisconsin, especially in prairie and pasture areas. They are very rare to be seen in the southeastern part of the state. They are more common in the central grasslands of Wisconsin. 

With their great digging ability, badgers dig elaborate dens with tunnels reaching 6 to even 30 feet deep. Badgers are also very clean-living creatures that will even create a separate toilet chamber in their den.


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