Ticks are actually arachnids like spiders. They can be found throughout the world, especially in warm, humid climates. Like mosquitoes, ticks are bloodsucking creatures that are known to transmit diseases like Lyme Disease. The most common species of ticks here in Wisconsin are the deer tick (aka – the blacklegged tick), the wood tick, and the dog tick. 

Unlike insects, ticks have 4 pairs of legs and no antennae. They are usually brown, red, black, or a combination of such in color. They range in size from 2-5mm depending on the species and the amount of blood they’ve consumed. Ticks are most active from early spring to early fall. Like mosquitoes, population levels of ticks are weather dependent, particularly based on the winter season. 

How Do I Get Rid of Ticks?

We here at Advanced Wildlife Control offer tick sprays from May to September. We offer a variety of treatment plans from a one-time spray for parties to a monthly spray over the summer. We will spray your entire yard including your lawn, trees, bushes, and other foliage. We do not spray flowers, gardens, and fruit-bearing trees. 

Our sprays are very effective in eliminating the tick population in your yard. However, there is always the chance ticks can enter into your yard from other wild animals, especially deer. Ticks must land on the treated areas to be killed.

DID YOU KNOW? – The one benefit of having an opossum in your yard is that they enjoy eating ticks.

Like bed bugs, ticks are great hitchhikers. They can enter your yard from various types of wildlife like birds, deer, rodents, etc. Ticks prefer shady areas making wooded areas and tall grasses a perfect place for them. 

Yes, ticks are carriers of several diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Ticks are especially known for carrying Lyme Disease which causes flu-like symptoms and fatigue. Also, a cure has not yet been found to treat Lyme Disease. 

There really is not any prevention tips for ticks. They are very difficult to prevent since any wild animal passing through your yard can leave them behind. 

Keeping a well-trimmed and cleaned yard can help, but does not guarantee that all ticks will be eliminated. 

We recommend giving us here at Advanced Wildlife Control a call. Our tick control sprays are very effective in eliminating ticks in your yard and lessening the chances of getting tick-borne diseases.

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