White tailed deer are the most abundant big-game animal in Wisconsin. When you gaze at them from a distant, they look like an animal of incredible power and beauty. If you watch them run or jump, they appear to be amazingly graceful, picturesque creatures. On average, deer stand at 71 inches long and 31 inches high up to the shoulders. Males usually weigh on average up to 150 pounds while females are smaller, weighing in at 110 pounds. Their long, slender legs grant them speed, running up to 40 miles per hour. Furthermore, their strong chest and hindquarter muscles give them strength. For example, they can swim up to 13 miles per hour and jump a 9-foot fence. Despite their natural nobility and agility, they can cause major problems for farmers and homeowners alike.

Facts and Figures

White tailed deer are smarter than you’d think. They prefer to live in densely vegetated areas, such as wooded areas, deep grass, swamps, farmland, brushy areas and forests. This is because these areas provide the best protection from predators, inclement weather as well as offer various food sources. In addition, deers do not migrate during the winter months. Thus, they must choose their habitats carefully. Their diets consist mostly of tree leaves and berries in the summer, acorns and grass in the fall, cedar and twigs in the winter and wheat grass and alfalfa in the spring. Furthermore, springtime is also when new fawns are born. Mating season typically runs from October through December. Typically deer are very shy and nervous. They flick their tails when they feel anxious or sense danger. However, despite their agility, the continue to be a major cause of vehicular accidents in Wisconsin.

How Do I Get Rid of Deer?

There is an increasing number of conflicts between people and deer due to deer over-population. Auto collisions are the most serious, resulting in extensive property damage, bodily injury and sometimes, death. Property damage is a major concern for homeowners and farmers alike. Deer are very attracted to not only crops but the rich, succulent plants common in home gardens and landscaping. These plants are especially attractive to deer because of their high vitamin content and phytonutrient levels.

DID YOU KNOW? – Deer are able to run up to 40 miles per hour, jump 9 foot fences, and swim 13 miles per hour.

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