There are approximately over 100,000 species of flies in the world varying in size and color. The most common flies are the common housefly and the fruit fly. Other types of flies we typically see here in Wisconsin, especially during the summer and fall months would include drain flies, cluster flies, gnats, and blowflies

Flies are not only annoying pests but they can also contaminate food. Flies feed on and breed in waste and filth which allows them to pick up bacteria that can transmit diseases. They are attracted to most human foods, especially sweet foods like fruits. Flies also reproduce quite rapidly, especially fruit flies and cluster flies.

How Do I Get Rid of Flies?

Some flies can easily be gotten rid of like common houseflies with just a SMACK of a fly swatter. However, other types of flies can be a little more difficult once they’ve infested an area. The best way to get rid of flies is to eliminate their breeding site. Sprays will kill the flies that are up and about. However, without eliminating the breeding site, new flies will just keep on coming. 

Advanced Wildlife Control can help you with all your residential and commercial fly problems. All of our trained technicians are fully equipped to find and eliminate the source of your fly problem. We will also suggest ways to help prevent future fly infestations. 

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Flies are attracted to many food substances, especially fruits and vegetables. Flies can also wander inside through open windows and doors. Sometimes they are even brought into homes from food products or flower pots

Yes, flies are not only annoying insects but they can also spread diseases to food or kitchen surfaces they land on. Some types of flies even reproduce very fast creating a whole infestation of flies in your home in just a few weeks. 

To prevent fly infestations, eliminate sources of food

  • Use sealed containers to properly store food
  • Keep garbage cans closed and cleaned

Don’t allow them to enter into your home

  • Check flower pots and newly purchased food products before you bring them inside your home
  • Keep doors and windows closed

Give Advanced Wildlife Control a call if flies have already infested your home. Our technicians will eliminate your fly problems at the source and suggest ways to prevent future fly problems.